[EM] Condorcet for public proposals - Tounament

Rob Speer rspeer at MIT.EDU
Wed Jan 28 11:25:05 PST 2004

On Wed, Jan 28, 2004 at 10:31:49AM -0500, Dave Ketchum wrote:
> This thread is looking for something for the public, rather than what we 
> might enjoy within our group.
> While tournament comes from the time of knights, it gets used for golf 
> tours, etc., in the modern world.
> I do not demand winning this debate, but think tournament should be 
> considered.

I also approve of the word "tournament".

People _understand_ tournaments. People watch sports, where winners are
decided by systems that are far more complex and obscure than Condorcet.

In fact, here's a way I sometimes explain Condorcet vs. plurality:

Say you have a bunch of basketball teams, and you want to find out which
one is the best. Do you have them all run onto a court at once and fight
over the ball? No - you have them compete two at a time, and hold a

Current plurality voting is like all the teams running onto the court at
once. Condorcet is like a round robin tournament.

Plurality just shows who's good at grabbing the ball, or grabbing
attention. Condorcet shows who's actually good at the game, that is,
being preferred by the people.
Rob Speer

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