PR vs. Geographic Representation [WAS: RE: [EM] Bill Lewis, never re-district]

James Gilmour jgilmour at
Wed Jan 28 06:34:13 PST 2004

Bill Clark said:
> I'll look into STV-PR, then.  Stephane Rouillon has also 
> suggested to me that I examine SPPA, which I believe may be a 
> variant of (or at least similar to) STV-PR.
> Searching for both of those terms in conjunction has yielded 
> quite satisfying results from the archive.

You find lots about STV-PR on websites around the world as it is a real system that has been in use
in public elections for many decades.  For a gentle start I would suggest and look at voting systems.  For a current campaign for its
introduction for local council elections try .

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