[EM] Re: To Bill Lewis Clark re: stepping-stone

Bill Lewis Clark wclark at xoom.org
Sat Jan 24 14:26:02 PST 2004

Bill Lewis Clark wrote:

>> Number of potential presidential candidates supporting IRV: 2
>> (Dean and Kucinich)

>> Number of potential presidential candidates supporting Condorcet: 0

Rob LeGrand added:

> Number of potential presidential candidates supporting Approval: 1
> (Badnarik)

That's great!

Unfortunately, this qualification of my original statement trumps it:

Number of potential presidential candidates FROM A MAJOR PARTY supporting
IRV: 2

As much as it irks me (because were I to vote sincerely, it likely *would*
be for a Libertarian candidate) third-party candidates simply aren't going
to get any significant amount of media attention, for the time being.  So,
to be perfectly blunt about it, it really doesn't matter what they

> The Libertarian Party of Cass County, Missouri, is conducting on online
> poll for Libertarian presidential candidates.  Support Approval Voting
> by voting for Michael at http://cass.molp.org/polls.htm !

Done.  And thanks for the heads-up.

(Actually, does anyone know offhand which candidates -- from ANY party --
support which alternative voting systems, if any?  Badnarik doesn't
mention his stance anywhere on his site, that I can find, so apparently a
straight-forward web search won't necessarily help in compiling this

Howard Dean (Democrat) - IRV
Dennis Kucinich (Democrat) - IRV
Michael Badnarik (Libertarian) - Approval

-Bill Clark

Dennis Kucinich for President in 2004

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