[EM] Your Vote Counts! (silly voting methods)

Eric Gorr eric at ericgorr.net
Sat Jan 24 04:13:01 PST 2004

At 5:54 AM +0100 1/24/04, Kevin Venzke wrote:
>  --- Eric Gorr <eric at ericgorr.net> a écrit :
>>  At 5:01 AM +0100 1/24/04, Kevin Venzke wrote:
>  > >40 A>B>C
>>  >35 B>C>A
>>  >25 C>A>B
>  > >
>>  >A wins.  The 35 votes are not counted.
>>  Actually, the 35 votes matter a great deal in an RP election -
>>  assuming you are referring to '35 B>C>A'
>>  These 35 votes are a part of the pairwise defeat of B>C being the
>>  strongest (has a strength of 75), which in turn eventually causes the
>>  pairwise defeat of C>A (with a strength of 60) to be rejected because
>>  of the potential creation of a cycle (i.e. ambiguous result).
>That's true, but it does the BCA voters no good 
>to lock in B>C if the effective
>result is that C>A has to be thrown out.  They'll wish they had voted B=C>A or
>So I suggest that, arguably, those votes aren't "counted."  They don't do
>what they were probably intended to.

If the rankings weren't sincere, well, anything 
concerning the outcome of the election could 

The fact remains, these 35 votes, as a whole, 
changed the outcome of the election. As you 
pointed out, had these 35 rankings been 
different, the outcome would have been different.

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