[EM] Nature of election districts

Stephane Rouillon stephane.rouillon at sympatico.ca
Fri Jan 9 12:16:28 PST 2004


The problem is not that we seek "pure" proportionality, we seek decision makers that can take the best
decisions with the limited ressources they have.
If they invest in a useless hospital to gain votes, the money to build a more useful bridge elsewhere
won't be available. The only tip we can have to get the best decisions is independant judges, exactly
like in a jury.  Any geographical districts, even Matt's best designs will still make each of those
judge partial when deiding where to invest government's money.

James Gilmour wrote :

> Matt wrote
> > Maybe, but if there is a solution to a real problem then we
> > cannot know if the solution will be adopted without giving it a try.
> But I don't think there is a "real problem".  This problem is in the minds of those who seek some
> mythical "pure" proportionality.  And we here in the UK already know that virtual districts are not
> worth a second thought, at least, not here.  How do we know?  From what electors have already said
> about what they want from their representives.

UK electors have never been offered chronological districts, only multi-membered districts. Most
participant here on the EM list
do not even know what chronological districts are! Did you ask UK electors if they wanted unpartial
country managers?

>  Locality and community are very important.

I agree!! But they need to be defended by their city council (or other local organism) in front of a
national INDEPENDANT council board.

> James


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