[EM] Election districts (was bicameral design poll)

James Gilmour jgilmour at globalnet.co.uk
Tue Jan 6 15:16:02 PST 2004

> James wrote
> > I respect your sincerity, but you are not living in the 
> real world of practical 
> > politics.  Electors want real districts, not virtual districts.

Matt wrote
> Maybe, but if there is a solution to a real problem then we 
> cannot know if the solution will be adopted without giving it a try.

But I don't think there is a "real problem".  This problem is in the minds of those who seek some
mythical "pure" proportionality.  And we here in the UK already know that virtual districts are not
worth a second thought, at least, not here.  How do we know?  From what electors have already said
about what they want from their representives.  Locality and community are very important.

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