[EM] Re: bicameral design poll

James Gilmour jgilmour at globalnet.co.uk
Mon Jan 5 15:29:08 PST 2004

Stephane wrote
> Sincerely,
> I believe any geographic linkage is source of clientelism 
> (favourism) between elected officials and their electorate.
> I keep thinking that one of the chamber should use 
> non-geographical districts.
> For an example using 40 seats you could use the day and month 
> of birth.
> Seat number                Elector of MA(Massachussett) born between
> 1                               January 1st - January 10th
> 2                               January 11th - January 19th
> 3                               January 20th - January 29th
> 4                               January 30th - February 6th
> 5                               February 7th - February 16th
> 6                               February 17th - February 24th
> etc...
> So for this chamber, no gerrymanderring, no dealing for 
> votes, no seat reserved for candidates friends of the party 
> chief, no huge discrepancies in the number of electors per 
> district... Comments?

I respect your sincerity, but you are not living in the real world of practical politics.  Electors
want real districts, not virtual districts.

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