[EM] LNH again

MIKE OSSIPOFF nkklrp at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 27 01:59:45 PST 2004

Someone, maybe Kevin, said:

Later-no-harm is technically an advantage over Approval, one that gets
brought up quite a bit.

I reply:

It gets brought up quite a bit. I've answered it. I discussed LNH in my 
posting entitled:

"Woodall's Whacky & Zany Criteria".

Here's another reply to that claim that I've often posted, and have posted 

How does IRV protect your favorite from being "harmed" by your 2nd place 
ranking of your 2nd choice? IRV protects your favorite from harm by 
eliminating your favorite before letting you help your 2nd choice. Does your 
favorite really need that kind of protection? :-) How would you like to have 
a bodyguard who believed in IRV's notion of how to protect someone?

IRV's protection of your favorite from harm by your 2nd choice amounts to a 
sort of electoral euthanasia.

Mike Ossipoff

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