[EM] SCRRIRVE examples

MIKE OSSIPOFF nkklrp at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 26 14:17:51 PST 2004

Chris said:

I have shown several examples where (CC)SCRRIRVE performs BETTER than wv at 
resisting Burying,
and I have not been able to find ANY in which it performs worse. If one 
could be found, you'd
think that a veteran prolific-poster wv advocate would be kind enough to 
post it.

I reply:

As I said, all an example can prove is that a method fails a criterion. If 
you want to show that SCRRIRVE passes a criterion, you need to demonstrate 
it. Showing an example in which SCRRIRVE doeesn't fail a criterion doesn't 
prove anything.

Chris, you've found several examples in which SCRRIRVE resists offensive 
order-reversal better than wv does. But with wv, defensive truncation or 
defensive equal-ranking can reliably make it impossible for offensive 
order-reversal to succeed. Is that true of SCRRIRVE? It's for you to show. 
In wv, truncation can't steal an election from a CW under conditions that 
I've described. Is that true of SCRRIRVE?

That's why I say that SCRRiRVE's properties haven't been determined. A few 
examples won't do.

Mike Ossipoff

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