[EM] Richard was right: The elections are 0-info.

MIKE OSSIPOFF nkklrp at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 26 03:27:05 PST 2004

When Richard said that the public elections are 0-info, I disagreed at the 
time, because we have polls, and voting results. But the polls are mostly 
the ones presented by the mass media. And the voting results are Plurality 
results. Plurality does a magnificently efficient job of concealing what 
voters want.

So, with those as our information sources, what we have is 0-info.

Of course if there's a poll done & reported by people whom you trust, that's 
different. And if the time ever comes when the elections are by Approval or  
wv--or SMA, NES, DSV, etc., then the published voting results will make the 
next election _not_ a 0-info election.

We know on this list that 0-info Approval strategy is: Vote for the 
above-mean candidates.

Since we're now using Plurality, it's of interest what the 0-info Pluralityi 
strategy is. It's:

Vote for your favorite.

That strategy fact is relevant to the upcoming presidential election. In the 
primary, and in the general election, unless you have _reliable_ 
information, not from the mass media, about who's more winnable, or how the 
Pij compare, or which honest candidate is most likely to be able to take 
victory from the not-so-honest ones, then vote for your favorite, because 
that's Plurality's 0-info strategy.

Mike Ossipoff

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