[EM] Yes, SMA does sound like ACC

MIKE OSSIPOFF nkklrp at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 16 02:41:01 PST 2004

Chris wrote:

>This seems very similar to "Approval Completed Condorcet" (ACC) which is 
>discussed in these 2002 postings by Adam Tarr

I don't want to plagarize or claim credit for anyone else's proposal. That's 
why I've been asking what better-method proposals have been made.

In fact, I also said from the start that NES, it seems to me, was suggested 
by Alex or Adam some time ago. Does anyone know the date of the EM message 
in which someone spoke of electing someone who can win at Nash equilibrium?

Sure, SMA does sound similar to ACC.

>Is Smith Majority Approval (SMA) better in terms of "defensive strategy 
>properties" than ACC?
>Is SMA better than Condorcet completed by Approval Elimination?

I'm going to check out those links that you posted, to find out. But, for 
right now, maybe what distinguishes SMA from ACC is that SMA deletes any 
candidate who has a majority defeat that isn't in a cycle of majority 
defeates, unless doing so would delete all the remaining candidates. If it's 
true that ACC doesn't delete candidates with majority defeats, then that 
would keep ACC from meeting all of the majority defensive strategy criteria.

I'm going to check out those links that you posted and reply tomorrow.

Thanks for bringing those methods and links to my attention. I'm interested 
in proposals for better methods.  When was the suggestion to elect a 
candidate who can win at Nash equilibrium first posted?

Mike Ossipoff

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