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Hello List

I've recently been working on a spreadsheet model to compare various 
different electoral methods. What it does is generate, for a 3 party election, sets of 
votes for 50 single member districts, based on an inputted set of preferences 
amongst the electorate and then calculate the results under 11 different 
electoral systems.

An inputted set of preferences would be something like:

A = 43   B = 21  C = 36

A = 40  A>B = 55  A>C = 5

B = 20  B>A = 30  B>C = 50

C = 10  C>A = 5    C>B = 85

In this example party A has 43 % of the 1st pref vote, party B has 21 % of 
the 1st pref  vote and party C 36 %. Of party A voters 40% give no 2nd 
preference, 55% give a 2nd preference to B and 5% a second preference to C, etc.

It then calculates the results under the following 5 single member systems:

Condorcet (Ranked Pairs winning margins)

The following 4 proportional systems by combining the single member 

D'Hondt Highest Average ( 1 fifty member district)
D'Hondt Highest Average (5 member districts)
STV (5 member districts)
MMP ( 25 single districts, 25 top up seats)

The following 2 semi-proportional systems:

MMP ( 40 single districts, 10 top up seats)
IRV+  ( 40 single districts, 10 top up seats)

And displays the results in summary and detail with a number of comparisons 
between the systems.

I would like volunteers to test  this model and give their comments on it. If 
you would like a copy of the model to test E-mail me at 

Dgamble997 at aol.com

and I will send you one.

David Gamble
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