[EM] Condorcet in 12 words or less

Warren Schudy wschudy at WPI.EDU
Wed Aug 18 23:56:14 PDT 2004

Here's my 36 ungrammatical words:


Eliminate candidate that is prefered (excluding eliminated candidates) of 
fewest voters. Repeat.


Vote for any number of candidates. Candidate receiving most votes wins.

Condorcet (ignoring cycles):

Simulate all runoffs using ranked ballots. Elect candidate that 
wins all runoffs.


Another challenge would be describing a method fully and clearly
(including definition of terms liked "ranked ballots", an example,
strategy and related discussion, and subtleties like tiebreaking and cycle 
resolution) in as few 80-character lines as possible. Here's a rough guess 
as to how many lines each method would take:

Approval: 25
IRV: 40
Condorcet: 50


On Wed, 18 Aug 2004, Adam Tarr wrote:

 >I'd be interested in a 12-word IRV explanation.... I don't think that's 
> >possible, either.
> Derive successive plurality eliminations from ranked ballots, eliminating 
> one candidate each round.

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