[EM] direct democracy / proxy system proposal - comment

Paul Kislanko kislanko at airmail.net
Sat Aug 7 18:33:18 PDT 2004

Except for terminology changes, this seems just like what we have now in the

"Electors" are our proxies for the selection of President and Vice
President, and we elect Representatives to Congress as proxies for for
having all of us get together and vote on every issue.

Adding another layer by having us elect electors to elect representatives
dose not seem to me to make the democracy more representative.

At first look, it seems to me to make it even more possible for a dominant
party to become more dominant.

Personally, I'd like my vote to count to more, not less. There's no existing
"proxy" system that doesn't favor the incumbents.

Anyway, we in the US already have all of this. You always how to get back to
how to elect representatives and select proxies.

Personally, I think all of us should watch the debates on CSPAN and then
tell our representatives to shut up and let US participate in the roll-call
vote. (Watch C-SPAN, you'll find that your representative is arguing that
your interests aren't even a consideration, your representative only
represents the interests that funded the election effort).

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