[EM] Fractional STV for PR

Brian Olson bql at bolson.org
Sun Aug 29 01:16:09 PDT 2004

I admit I've been away a while and only skimmed recent posts, but has 
anyone considered using fractional-vote redistribution for 
single-transferrable-vote for proportional representation?

It seemed to me that if some random selection of ballots is transferred 
when a candidate passes the "droop" number, then "my" ballot might or 
might not get any say in who the further selections are, and that would 
make me sad and/or angry.

So, if there are 2 times the number of first-active-place votes as are 
needed to elect a candidate, that candidate is elected and all of those 
voters get their voting strength reduced to 1/2. Their next-place 
candidates then gets a bunch of 1/2 weight votes added on.

Just tell me "yes, people have thought of this" and "yes, we think it's 
a good idea" and I'll go away and code it up for use in a forthcoming 
multi-seat Election Calculator ( http://bolson.org/v/vote_form.html ).

Although, I'll also have a similar Instant Runoff Normalized Ratings 
for PR there.

Brian Olson

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