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Craig Carey research at ijs.co.nz
Wed Aug 25 23:47:41 PDT 2004

The main page of the McDougall Trust website, i.e. this:


has a bad link for Voting Matters (....uk/VM13P1.pdf). Better is this:


I CC this to the current editor of Voting Matters.


Mr Lanphier's "most bulletproof argument" appeared; I quote it
below. It is very very unconvincing. However a proper checkup would:
(a) fail Mr Lanphier's thoughts, and (b) actually either pass or fail,
instead of getting grade by persuasiveness.


} [EM] ironclad pro-Condorcet argument?
} Rob Lanphier robla at robla.net
} Mon Aug 23 21:24:56 PDT 2004
} James Green-Armytage wrote:
} >     If there is a Condorcet winner with regard to the sincere preference
} >rankings of voters, and the voting method is plurality, then the Vote is
} >only at equilibrium when the Condorcet winner is selected.
} >
} >
} If casual observers could understand and believe it, then I think it
} would be.  However, this is a little too abstract for most folks to get
} their heads around (though I like Steve's "arena voting" metaphor).
} The most bulletproof argument I know of for Condorcet is: "If there is a
} Condorcet winner with regard to sincere preferences, then the winner of
} a Condorcet election will beat the winner of any election method that
} doesn't choose the same candidate."   In short, the Condorcet winner
} will beat the IRV winner every time.
} Rob

That could not seem convincing to about everyone.

Anyway, suppose sincerity is observed by you or me.

Does that sincerity (of Mr Lanphier's quoted text) track across the same
nearly parallel light beams that vision or illumination could or would
use ?.

Specifically, I ask if the trait of sincerity (of single preferences)
can pass from preference to preference. There are 2 cases here, of
"papers" being real-worldish, and being a mathematical idea.

The text of Mr Lanphier appears to declare an improper purpose.

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