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 --- Gervase Lam <gervase at group.force9.co.uk> a écrit : 
> Some people argue that (Plurality) PR can cause too much diversity.  This 
> can be detrimental when the elected chamber try to vote on things.  This 
> is the reason why Italy went from proportional to a single seats election. 

I'm afraid I also don't understand what you mean by "(Plurality) PR."  Are
you talking about SNTV?  I believe David was talking about single-winner
methods.  (In any case, I think some simple form of party list would be better
than SNTV...)

> However, can Cardinal Ratings be put above plurality?  To me, it seems the 
> most proportional of all of the methods around.
> [snip some]
> This makes me wonder about the word "proportional" in a method.  In a 
> given method, what part of the ballot is proportional?

The term "proportional" is indeed meaningless in a single-winner context.

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