[EM] Batch of old messages

David GLAUDE dglaude at gmx.net
Thu Nov 20 16:13:02 PST 2003

Obviously answer to the problem is to really moderate the list... not 
every 20 days.

Another solution is to have multiple moderator... they will all get the 
SPAM but the processing of wrongly sended mail to the list will be much 
faster... (in my case I used a wrong email address to send).


PS: I was one of the victime of a delayed mail: [does Election-methode 
require e-voting?] from the 4/11/2003, it was an introduction to the 
list + the very specific question I wanted to ask you all (is hand 
counting possible).

Since it was the day I joined the list and I did not saw a copy of my 
post, there was no way for me to know if it has been posted without 
risking double posting. I saw no answer either (this could have been a 

> The downside is that it would be nice to make the list open.  Doing so 
> would mean that people can still contribute to the list even if they don't 
> want to put their e-mail address into the database.

The main question is to know if the database should be:
A secret (except for administrator)
B open to the member
C open to every-one

If A then there is no reason not to subscribe to the list. ;-)

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