[EM] Re: touch screen voting machines

David GLAUDE dglaude at gmx.net
Wed Nov 12 16:03:25 PST 2003

Forest Simmons wrote:

>>It is not acceptable for the voter to run out of the voting location
>>with a receipt. This mean I have something that proof my vote. I could
>>be forced to show my receipt and if I did not vote as I was asked...
>>face the consequence.
>>The secrecy of the vote make it impossible to have a hardcopy you take
>>at home!!! Not even a magic number secretly encoded or else.
> What if you were given several receipts, and only you know which is the
> real one.  One of the fake receipts could be used to satisfy the mafia.

What was the goal of that receipts???
1) To remember who you voted for?
2) To verify your vote was counted?

1) is silly.
If 2) is possible for you, it is possible for the mafia too. ;-)


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