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Stephane Rouillon stephane.rouillon at sympatico.ca
Tue Nov 11 17:34:01 PST 2003

> > There should still be mechanisms to voice dissent, which can come in the form
> > of write-ins (also easy using a computer interface) or what should be
> > required on every ballot line, the "None of the Above" option.
> "None of the Above" is "White" or "Blanc" voting.
For single-winner methods there is no difference between a blank ballot
or a "none of the above" ballot.

However, for multiple-winner (a legislative chamber) elections, that
can be treated to produce different consequences. As an example,
the model I promote on Fair Vote Canada's site uses that information,
"A Preferential, Totally Proportional Electoral System" (SPPA),
As a consequence, if voters express that choice,  they can choose to
be represented by a good loser from another district instead of the less
candidate in their district.

Please, you are welcome to comment.

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