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Tue Nov 11 07:07:02 PST 2003

At 11:52 PM -0800 11/10/03, Ken Johnson wrote:
>Eron - I share your enthusiasm for open, secure, and fair elections, 
>but I don't The votes are counted by the computer, and the entire 
>database of votes and vote ID's is placed on the Internet so that 
>any voter can log on and verify that their vote was properly 

Personally, I think it is a really bad idea if there was any way for 
a third party to know for certain how anyone voted. If an individual 
can verify their vote, others can know how they voted.

Election fraud has always been a problem and will always be a 
problem. The only thing the matters is how committed those involved 
in the election are to run it honestly. If enough of these honest 
people do not exist, no controls, procedures or policies will create 
an honest election.

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