[EM] academic journals that deal with voting systems?

James Gilmour jgilmour at globalnet.co.uk
Tue Nov 4 23:32:06 PST 2003

James G-A asked:
> Does anyone know of some good academic-type journals that 
> have stuff on voting methods? (Preferably on a regular basis 
> and with a decent-sized readership...) Aside from books, 
> where is most of the academic writing on voting methods published?
> I'm not quite sure whether or not I have any original ideas, 
> but if it looks like I do, I was sort of wondering what the 
> drill is as far as publishing them. 

Are you aware of "Representation" and "Voting matters", now both published
by the McDougall Trust?
I cannot tell you anything about the size of their respective readerships.
You'll find details of the McDougall Trust at:
The Trust has only just taken over responsibility for publishing "Voting
matters" so there is no mention of it on the webpage.

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