[EM] Filling Unscheduled Vacancies With PR

Bjarke Dahl Ebert bjarke at trebe.dk
Wed Nov 19 21:28:13 PST 2003

> Now suppose 1 green, 2 democrats and 4 reps are gone.
> The by-election gives the following distribution:
> Rep 40%
> Dem 55%
> Green 5%
> So we have Rep(49 seats) that sould go to 40, Dem(37 seats) that should go to
> 55
> and Greens (7 seats) that should go to 5 seats. Because we do not remove seats
> to
> any party the Dems get the 7 seats and the new chamber is still leaded by
> Republicans
> Rep: 49 seats
> Dem: 44 seats
> Green: 7 seats

I think this would give a problem with "Party clones".
The democrats could all vote for a new party, "New Democrats". Since the "old"
democrats can not loose their seats, it doesn't matter that they get 0%, when the
"New Democrats" get 55% and get all the vacant seats.

So I guess that in order to take voters' changed opinions into account, a total
reelection is needed.
Some kind of reuse of the old ballots, or having the leaving candidates choose their
replacement, seems like the only way in PR.


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