[EM] IRV vs Condorcet

Adam Haas Tarr atarr at ecn.purdue.edu
Thu Jul 24 09:00:18 PDT 2003

I wrote:

>>Bush 49%
>>Gore>Nader 24%
>>Nader>Gore 27%
>Fair enough: I guess my point is that Nader is also not an irrelevant 
>alternative, neither in the strict sense nor even in the local sense.

Er... well, Nader is an irrelevant alternative in the strict sense.  In margins, 
his addition causes a change in the winner.  In winning votes, Nader's addition 
or subtraction from the race doesn't change the result, so the method is 
independent of this particular "irrelevant alternative".  I refer here to my 
original example:

Bush 49%
Gore 24%
Nader>Gore 27%

OK, enough blathering about clone spoilers and irrelevant alternative spoilers; 
it's totally outside the point of my original post.


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