[EM] James Green-Armytage wrote on July 13

Stephane Rouillon stephane.rouillon at sympatico.ca
Wed Jul 23 14:59:10 PDT 2003

I agree.
I can understand there are some sacrifices needed to be made
for any kind of PR that makes room for small parties.
But I am not yet convince that what I see as partial misrepresentation
allows to gain better elsewhere. However, I conceid there are many
issues hard to compare, at least with the same quantifiable units...

I would like to add another measure of a system quality:
PR is important to me, but I value winners personal support too.
I tried to evaluate both for the results of the elector's convention.
Can you think of any other tools to measure multiple winners method
efficiency? Simple tools, if possible...
I still have to answer to Mr. Gilmour about the relevance of PR of political

Bye, Stephane

Donald Davison a écrit :

> Greetings list,
> James Green-Armytage wrote:                  (on July 13)
>     "In general I am not very sympathetic with the desire on the part of some
> people to keep smaller parties out of government. Actually, I find it a
> little shocking how commonly this sentiment is expressed in discussions of
> PR, as it seems pretty anti-democratic to me. Having a government
> dominated by a few well-connected heavy hitter parties, with entry barred
> by a steep threshold (be it a formal threshold or an effective threshold)
> hardly sounds good to me."
> Dear Green-Armytage,
> Donald here, you are of course correct, except I would express my dislike a
> `little' stronger.  I find the practice of artifical thresholds to be very
> shocking and very anti-democratic.
> My position is that if a small party gains one quota of votes then that
> party is entitled to its one seat just as larger parties are entitled to
> all the seats they have quotas for, and if this small party only gains a
> number of votes less than one quota then that number of votes is to be
> regarded as a remainder and allowed to compete with all the remainders from
> all the other parties and if this small party's remainder is large enough
> to win one of the remaining seats then it is entitled to that seat.
> All the voters are entitled to their fair share of representation.
> Donald,
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