[EM] STV district magnitude

matt mg at tidalwave.net
Sat Jul 19 19:55:02 PDT 2003

Your welcome.  A search for "Knesset election" finds 
http://www.israel-mfa.gov.il/mfa/go.asp?MFAH0n0r0 which shows the 
percentage of votes for each winning party in the most recent 
elections.  Note that the smallest party, United Arab List, got 2.1%.  I 
have never heard of any party getting a seat with less than 1.5% and cannot 
fathom how that could happen since it is illegal.  Maybe your source could 
show me wrong?

James wrote:
Thank you for this update.  My source showed parties with less than 1.5% of 
the votes getting seats.


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