[EM] STV district magnitude

James Gilmour jgilmour at globalnet.co.uk
Sat Jul 19 04:05:02 PDT 2003

Alex said:
> So I don't feel too bad about leaving out the smallest 
> factions, as long
> as the vast majority of the population is represented in some fashion
> (e.g. 100% of the seats held by people representing 90% of 
> the electorate
> is pretty darn good in my view).

Amen to that!  Here the MPs in the UK Parliament represent only 51% of
those who voted.  For Scotland the 72 MPs at Westminster represent only
49% of those who voted.  It is the same at every one of our FPTP
elections (plurality in single-winner districts).  One of the worst
(best ?) examples was the election of Aberdeen City Council in 1999:
the 43 councillors represented only 43% of those who voted.  After the
1999 council elections, 10 of the 32 councils represented less than half
of those who voted in their respective council areas.  The highest level
of representation was 58%.

Incidentally, I noted a typo in your first quote from my post.  I wrote:
> > I did make any value judgements.
I had intended to write "I did NOT make any value judgements".  That's
one the spell-checker cannot find!


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