Bucklin, MCA, and history (was [EM] The responsiveness of Condorcet / Monotonicity)

Alex Small asmall at physics.ucsb.edu
Tue Jul 15 15:40:01 PDT 2003

Adam Tarr said:
> As a side note, only a few methods discussed here actually pass both
> clone-independence AND monotonicity.  Beatpath, ranked pairs, approval,
> cardinal rankings, median ranking, and extended MCA (Bucklin with equal
> rankings allowed) all satisfy both.  These are the only methods I know
> of  that I'd work to get adopted for single-winner reform.

Your mention of the relationship between MCA and Bucklin brings to mind a

Does anybody on the list know how widespread Bucklin was in the US?  I've
seen little blurbs when googling for Bucklin, but mostly it's "tried in
the US, especially the South, in the early 20th century, eventually
abandoned".  If anybody has a source worth checking out, even if it's
obscure, I'm keen to learn more.  I have access to a large university
library, and there's always interlibrary loan.

If voters were dissatisfied with Bucklin, I wonder to what extent they'll
like MCA.  If voters won't like MCA, I'm even more pessimistic that
they'll like Approval.

Still, hope springs eternal (who said that?).


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