[EM] wikipedia.org's Dan Keshet, Alt Vote no-test checker and Massachusetts Green

Kevin Venzke stepjak at yahoo.fr
Sun Jul 13 16:41:02 PDT 2003

 --- Craig Carey <research at ijs.co.nz> a écrit : > 
> >Pass: Approval, Average Rating, Black, Borda, Bucklin, Kemeny-Young ,
> >Median Rating, Minmax, Ranked Pairs, Schulze, Smith//Minmax,
> >Sum of Defeats 
> Since quite a lot of those methods are very unimportant, you could
> proved you proved monotonicity of 2 or 3 for me.
> I request the reasoning for the 10 statements that those methods are
> passed. Approval is actually failed and I guess have conceded that
> to the fullest possible extent and never got around to updating
> your website. The wikipedia.org website got fixed somewhat over that.

Are you saying Approval is not monotonic?  That would be interesting news to
many of us.

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