[EM] [Fwd: A new voting system, Borda Fixed Point, solution to Arrow's problem]

Rob Speer rspeer at MIT.EDU
Sat Jul 12 00:40:01 PDT 2003

On Fri, Jul 11, 2003 at 11:34:00PM -0700, Rob Lanphier wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I'm forwarding this book along as it may be of interest to the list
> http://www.dataweb.nl/~cool/Papers/VTFD/Index.html

I can't find the "Borda Fixed Point" system on that site, just the usual
"solution" of Arrow's Theorem by trying to discredit it.

It begins with stuff like
"While the Theorem stands as a mathematical result, the additional
claims concern other domains, i.e. the domains of reasonableness and

This is not a paper in voting theory. It's a bunch of wordplay and
quotes out of context, with occasional logical symbols thrown in.
It reads to me like a postmodernist pretending to do math.
Rob Speer

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