[EM] Party's list or voters ranking, Let the voter choose.

Stephane Rouillon stephane.rouillon at sympatico.ca
Wed Jul 9 10:04:10 PDT 2003

That is the problem with multiple-seats per ridings,
it produces huge number of candidates.

A single candidate per party simplifies the voter's duty...
And it can be compatible with a fully proportional system
if you really use all the information you get.


Anthony Duff wrote :

> --- Forest Simmons <fsimmons at pcc.edu> wrote:
> Re: [EM] recent postings
> > My perspective on single winner methods has moved
> > more and more towards
> > the point of view that ranked ballots are costly in
> > terms of voter
> > patience (as opposed to the cost of voting machines,
> > ballot counting,
> > etc.),  ...
> I agree.
> Some voters rank carefully.  Many voters cope.  Some
> voters can’t cope with so much choice!
> > Chris Benham recently pointed out again that IRV
> > voters tend to rely on
> > the guidance of candidates or parties, rather than
> > figuring out their own
> > rankings.
> Chris is quite right.
> > In other words, IRV has all of the cost of a ranked
> > ballot system, but it
> > functions as a Candidate Proxy method.  Why pay for
> > IRV when you can get
> > the same result from Candidate Proxy at bargain
> > basement prices?
> How about offering the voter a choice?  Let the voter
> choose to either (A) mark 1 box to vote for a party’s
> predefined ranked ballot, or (B) complete the ballot
> with their own ranking.
> This is a method that is in practice and works quite
> well.  It is particularly useful when there are a
> large number of candidates.
> Most voters will take option (A).  Few voters take
> option (B).
> Option (B) is more complicated to tally, count and
> track transfers, and so is helpful that few take it.
> However, it is important, in principle, that voters
> have the (B) option so that they are free to vote any
> way they choose.
> Anthony
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