[EM] IRV, the turkey problem, and everything

Bart Ingles bartman at netgate.net
Sun Jul 6 15:19:14 PDT 2003

Alex Small wrote:
>   OK, not so many that you get a 4-page ballot
> like San Francisco had last year (they voted on what type of coffee to
> allow, if I'm not mistaken), but enough so that it isn't just "same old
> vs. same old, with those other kooks that have no chance (aka Third
> Parties)".

I thought the coffee question was in Berzerkeley, but I could be wrong.

> Now, whether you worry about turkeys, Hitler-Stalin-Washington polarized
> scenarios, lukewarm Al Gore bland inoffensive candidates, or whatever, I
> hope we all agree that it would be better to have more options competing
> in the marketplace of ideas.  How to take steps toward this?

It looks like this thread is about to wind up, Godwin's Law having been
invoked and all.  But I think I agree with Alex's entire post, which is
probably unusual for this list.


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