[EM] Some July 4 comments

Chris Benham chrisbenham at bigpond.com
Sun Jul 6 09:22:03 PDT 2003

Previously I wrote:
Assuming for a moment that a political landscape dominated by 2 major 
parties  is a normal and happy situation, isn't it VERY important that 
the party which is prefered by an absolute majority is the winner ?
To which Adam Tarr replied:
" Absolutely. But prefered by a majority to what?"
To which I answer:  to the OTHER major party, of course. ( If  you are 
offered a menu with  2 items, A and B, on it  and you say "I prefer A" , 
obviously you mean "I prefer A to B".)
I don't deny, and wasn't arguing, that Condorcet is better than IRV. I 
was arguing against the proposition that  "IRV is nearly  as bad as 
Plurality". I know that some Approval proponents have boasted of their 
roles in helping to scuttle the introduction of  IRV (to replace 
Plurality) is some parts of the US.
I didn't and wouldn't argue that  "Approval is silly when compared to 
plurality". I agree that Approval is much better than Plurality.
Adam seems to have mixed me up with someone else.

Chris Benham

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