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Kevin Venzke stepjak at yahoo.fr
Sat Jul 5 19:45:02 PDT 2003

 --- "John B. Hodges" <jbhodges at usit.net> a écrit : 
> One technique for defeating efforts at reform is to sow confusion 
> among the reformers; for example, if there is a proposal on the 
> ballot that you wish to defeat, put one or two more proposals on the 
> ballot that sound like they are addressing the same problem. The 
> voters will split, and nothing will be enacted.
> The battle-cry of a small-but-growing set of reformers is 
> "Proportional Representation and the Instant-Runoff Ballot!" I am not 
> accusing those who favor the Ranked Pairs method and Approval Voting 
> of being pawns of the Capitalist Hegemonists. Really, I'm not. Not 
> yet, anyway. I'd just like to keep the discussion in the real world.

Do you mean that we should all support IRV just in order to get SOME kind of
reform, or just that Condorcet and Approval are too good to be true?

Your "rant" seems to depict IRV supporters as heroes.  Could you say what
makes IRV so much better than plurality, in your view?

Kevin Venzke
stepjak at yahoo.fr

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