[EM] Does Droop give the same results as Hare?

Donald Davison donald at mich.com
Wed Jul 30 05:46:01 PDT 2003

Does Droop give the same results as Hare?

The Gilmour James wrote:                      July 25 2003
"MY only reason for using the Droop quota is that it gives the same result
more quickly..."

Dear Gilmour,

Donald here:  Are you saying that a Droop STV election will elect the same
set of members as a Hare STV will elect?

If so, you are misinformed, somebody has been feeding you misinformation.

Next time you compute one of those Droop STV elections that you often brag
about doing, take some extra time and also compute the election as a Hare
STV election.

There is the possibility that the Hare set of elected members will be
different from the Droop set of elected members.  I have had this happen
when I have computed real ballots both ways.  Whenever a change is made in
an election, rules or voting, the election is a different election and it
follows that the new election can elect different candidates.

When this happens, the question must be asked:  `Which set of members is
the correct set of members to hold office?'

The answer is the Hare set because the Hare set is more proportional than
the Droop set.

You do support proportionality, don't you???


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