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Conducted November 20 & 21, 2002

1* How would you rate the way that George W. Bush is performing 
his job as President?

36% Excellent
22% Good
20% Fair
21% Poor
1% Not sure

2* When general elections are held in the United States, how often 
do you vote?

76% All of the time
21% Most of the time
1% About half the time
* Occasionally
* Rarely or never
* Not sure

3* Did you vote in the election earlier this month?

100% Yes

4* Did you vote for Republican Scott McCallum, Democrat Jim Doyle, 
Libertarian Ed Thompson, or Green candidate Jim Young?

41% Scott McCallum
45% Jim Doyle
11% Ed Thompson
3% Jim Young

5* Okay… if Ed Thompson had not run for Governor, would you have 
voted for Republican Scott McCallum, Democrat Jim Doyle, or Green
 candidate Jim Young? [asked only of Thompson voters]

30% Scott McCallum
30% Jim Doyle 
27% Jim Young
10% Would not have voted
4% Not sure

6* Generally speaking, is it good to have Libertarian and Green Party
candidates in the race, or would it be better if the election were 
between Republicans and Democrats?

72% Good to have Libertarian and Green candidates
22% Better with just Republicans and Democrats
4% Doesn’t make any difference
2% Not sure

7* Okay… suppose that before the election, you found out that Ed 
Thompson had a good chance to win the election. If you knew 
Thompson could win, would you have voted for Republican Scott
McCallum, Democrat Jim Doyle, Libertarian Ed Thompson, or 
Green candidate Jim Young?

34% Scott McCallum
37% Jim Doyle
23% Ed Thompson
3% Jim Young
2% Not sure

8* I’m going to read you a short list of names. For each, please let
me know if you have a favorable or an unfavorable opinion of that 

First, George W. Bush

60% Favorable
35% Unfavorable
5% Not sure

9* Okay… Scott McCallum

38% Favorable
55% Unfavorable
8% Not sure

10* Fine… what about Jim Doyle

44% Favorable
45% Unfavorable
11% Not sure

11* Next… Ed Thompson

39% Favorable
39% Unfavorable
23% Not sure

12* Finally, Jim Young 

20% Favorable
41% Unfavorable
39% Not Sure

13* Okay… which of the following would you prefer… a more active 
government with more services and higher taxes or a less active 
government with fewer services and lower taxes?

28% More active government
61% Less active government
11% Not sure

14* Fine… on social and cultural issues, do you consider yourself 
politically more conservative or more liberal?

58% Conservative
34% Liberal
6% Moderate
2% Not sure

15* Do you know anyone who voted for Ed Thompson?

36% Yes
58% No
6% Not sure

NOTE: Some totals do not add to 100% due to rounding.

Margin of sampling error for the full sample is +/- 3 percentage 
with a 95% level of confidence.

Scott Rasmussen
Public Opinion Research

PO Box 296
Ocean Grove, NJ 07756
scott at r...

(c) 2002-2003.  Paid for by Friends for Ed Thompson, Verna 
Mashin, Treasurer
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