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I did just that in Marquette, MI, a couple summers ago, and can confirm that 
they did, in fact, use Nanson's method in the 20s. I don't know about the 
other Marquette (Marquette, WI). (Actually, the public library wasn't of much 
help. The best sources were the City Clerk and the local historical society, 
which decided to create a file on this voting episode, as a result of my 
research; so it should be easier for the next bloke to find out about it.)

BTW, one reason given in a news article for dropping Nanson's Method and 
reverting back to the plurality with a runoff was that they preferred voting 
twice, and felt that they could be more informed voters the second time 
around. What to do about that?


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> with people who live there. Therefore, I guess that the only
> way to check whether Nanson's method has been used in Marquette,
> Michigan, or Marquette, Wisconsin, is to go to both Marquettes
> and to search the libraries.
> Markus Schulze

Steve Barney

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