[EM] Nanson in the USA

Alex Small asmall at physics.ucsb.edu
Tue Jan 28 10:41:45 PST 2003

Steve Barney said:
> Today, I got a copy of the book Mike Ossipoff qouted as saying that the
> City  of Marquette, WI, used Nanson's method in the 1920's, and I can
> now confirm  that Mike did, in fact, slightly misquote that passage. The
> quoted sentence  about Marquette should read:
> "The only place where this system is used for public elections, so far
> as we  know, is the city of Marquette, Michigan."
> Whereas Mike wrote "Wisconsin" in place of "Michigan":

I'm confused.  Just to get this straight, are you saying that Nanson was
used in Marquette, Wisconsin and the book says it was used in Marquette,
Michigan?  In that case, Mike's error in quotation cancels out the book's
factual error.


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