[EM] 01/17/03 - No Problem, Olli:

Olli Salmi olli.salmi at uusikaupunki.fi
Mon Jan 27 06:15:28 PST 2003

At 09:08 +0200 17.1.2003, Donald Davison wrote:
>Olli: "What do you propose to do if you use the Hare quota and there are
>four rather equal candidates vying for three seats: 25.1% A,  25.!% B,
>25.1% C,  24.7% D.[?]
>Donald:  No problem!  In your example, candidate D is the lowest, so I
>would eliminate candidate D and transfer his votes.  Depending on the lower
>choices we could end up with the following results:  33% A   32% B  31% C
>which would be very good results, very representative of the public, the
>Droop method would never be able to have results as good as that.

If D's lower choices do not include A, B or C, the results are the ones you
get with the Droop quota. If they all have A, B or C, the voters still get
one of their preferences elected, whether you count the papers or not. Why
does it matter so much?

Olli Salmi

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