[EM] Nanson in Wisconsin or Michigan?

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Thu Jan 23 09:05:01 PST 2003

You might be interested in Demorep's ideas along these lines in message
8228 (Oct 20,2001) of the EM archives.  The subject line is "Low Tech
Proxy P.R. Method."  Further messages under that heading are 8233 and

See also message 8249 of Oct 26, 2001 for a related idea of mine under the
heading "Proxy Democracy."


On Thu, 23 Jan 2003, Sampo Syreeni wrote:

> On 2003-01-23, Markus Schulze uttered to election-methods-list at eskimo.com:
> >here is a paper on Nanson's method: [...]
> One passage in the text sort of woke me up. There is a brief mention that
> Nanson at one point advocated a system where parliamentary votes are
> weighted by the size of each representative's constituency. The scheme is
> dismissed as giving rise to perverse incentives. Has such a system been
> considered on-list? Are any online analysis of such a thing available?
> The reason I'm interested is that, when I was first introduced to
> splintering and the accompanying strategy, my first solution was to use a
> weighted electorate. Later I thought combining it with IRV/STV would be a
> good idea. Now I've become a fan of Condorcet, but I no longer see how
> weighting might fit in.
> The idea still fascinates me, beecause with a fixed number of
> representatives and disciplined party voting, most of the seats in a
> parliament seem sort of wasted -- each party will vote uniformly, so PR
> reduces to weighting parties' votes by headcount. More than one seat
> simply means a higher weight for any vote a party casts. OTOH, if there
> was just one representative per party with a higher weight, most parties
> which are currently rounded out in the election (that is, do not get even
> a single seat) would still be present in the parliament, albeit with a
> very low weight. Alternatively we might be able to do with a smaller
> parliament. To me, both ideas seem appealing.
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