[EM] Markus: What is Condorcet's method?

Alex Small asmall at physics.ucsb.edu
Mon Jan 20 08:59:09 PST 2003

We just wrapped up a long thread over "What is one person/one vote?" and
in the end decided to apply the term to the most common interpretation,
while inventing a new term for the (arguably ill-defined) "voting power"

So, to avoid another "dueling dictionaries" thread, how about the following:

Condorcet's Method:  Any method reasonably close to Condorcet's original
proposal(s) for resolving cycles.

A Condorcet method:  Any method that satisfies the Condorcet criterion.

or, maybe you prefer:

Pairwise method:  Any method that satisfies the Condorcet Criterion.

Of course, that's just my opinion, I could be wrong.

Alex Small

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