Computing Results (RE: [EM] Advanced Math question)

Bart Ingles bartman at
Tue Jan 7 22:43:01 PST 2003

"Narins, Josh" wrote:
> Firstly, thanks for the tip on "Merrill"
> Unfortunately, I don't know who Merrill is. Are they on the list?

Samuel Merrill, author of
"Making Multicandidate Elections More Democratic"
Princeton University Press, 1988

Out of print, but most university libraries should have it.  Or a public
library should be able to obtain a copy through inter-library loan.

The book was evidently based in part on some of Merrill's research
papers in the mid-80's, dealing with statistical models.

> Secondly, you write "perl or other interpreted languages"
> I would request you kindly cease & desist bringing your 2nd millenium
> thinking into this :)
> Wll written perl is, in almost all cases, just as fast as C.

I guess so-- come to think of it, isn't Perl actually compiled at launch
time?  So it's probably not even accurate to call it an interpreted


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