[EM] 01/05/03 - Two Replies for Olli:

Olli Salmi olli.salmi at uusikaupunki.fi
Tue Jan 7 21:45:40 PST 2003

Dear Donald,

Thank you for your replies.

>Second reply:
>   Your example of three groups with 33 1/3% each exposes the falacy of the
>Droop quota.  In the event an election method should be faced with
>perfection on the first count, the method should be able to handle
>perfection and report out perfect results.
>Hare Preference Voting can handle perfection and will report the results of
>your perfect election as:
>            33 1/3% A,   33 1/3% B,   33 1/3% C
>But, Droop Preference Voting cannot handle perfection.  Its math will
>reduce each 33 1/3% down to 25% +1.  The public should not like results of
>25 A, 25 B, 25 C, and 25% excluded after they have voted a perfect:  33
>1/3% A,   33 1/3% B,   33 1/3% C.

I can see nothing that could be excluded.

>In a real Droop election the officials most likely will merely declare
>A-B-C as the winners without doing the math of Droop.  In this way they can
>hide the shame of the defective Droop from the public.

It's unnecessary to do the math because A, B and C reach the quota. You can
declare the result and have a coffee or whatever.

What do you propose to do if you use the Hare quota and there are four
rather equal candidates vying for three seats: 25.1% A,   25.1% B,   25.1%
C ,   24.7% D?

Olli Salmi

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