[EM] Dave: Primaries, runoffs

Alex Small asmall at physics.ucsb.edu
Sun Jan 5 15:58:46 PST 2003

Dave Ketchum said:
> Bad enough for the major parties - could destroy smaller parties such as
> the Greens, where there are more available outsiders than members -
> giving  the outsiders control over who gets nominated to "represent" the
> Greens.

How would a privately-run closed primary give outsiders control over the

> Sending volunteers to voter groups with known biases also destroys
> ability  to see what party members desire.

You originally objected that a privately-held primary wouldn't work
because a national party can't get all of its members to the convention. 
I pointed out that party activists could distribute ballots among involved
party members.

The part about sending volunteers to core constituencies was more of a
jibe at the parties than a serious suggestion.  The GOP complained in 2000
because I, an independent at the time, had the audacity to support a
conservative Republican veteran who opposed letting Bill Clinton rent out
the Lincoln bedroom.  If they are concerned about being corrupted by any
hint of outside thought then they can restrict the primaries to people
with known biases so they never again face the awful prospect of different


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