[EM] Approval with 2 ballotings

Alex Small asmall at physics.ucsb.edu
Thu Jan 2 22:05:44 PST 2003

> The more one looks at the 2-balloting Approval hybrids, the better
> plain Approval looks in comparison.

I agree.

This discussion was originally motivated by a concern over crowded
fields of candidates.  Partisan races solve this with primaries, and
non-partisan races solve it with 2-step runoff.  Perhaps plain approval
should be used unless the number of candidates exceeds some threshold,
at which point a plurality primary is used, and the top N candidates
advance, unless somebody gets a majority.  N can be chosen according to
what people view as the maximum number of candidates in a quality

Then, in the second round, use plain approval.

Of course, if the field of candidates is not too large, a single round
with plain approval should suffice.


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