[EM] To Marquette, to Marquette ...

Joe Weinstein jweins123 at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 28 23:29:04 PST 2003

It's not all that unnatural to presume that Wisconsin is the place for a 
town named Marquette.  In fact, Michigan's Marquette is in the latter 
state's Upper Peninsula area near Wisconsin.  And, within Wisconsin, 
Marquette is prominent as the name for the state's largest private 
university, in the state's largest city.  Presumably Marquette MI as well as 
Marquette U were both named for the pioneering Father Marquette.

Also, it's easy to confuse Marquette with Marinette - the Wisconsin member 
of the pair of towns (Marinette and Menominee) that span the 
Wisconsin-Michigan border at the shore of Lake Michigan's Green Bay.

Indeed, it's not totally ridiculous simply to confuse Michigan and 
Wisconsin.  An early version of 'Wisconsin' was 'Misconsing'.

So, reference to 'Marquette, Wisconsin' may be an error but is not utterly 

Joe Weinstein
Long Beach CA USA

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