[EM] Wisconsin vs Michigan

MIKE OSSIPOFF nkklrp at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 27 20:02:40 PST 2003


You wrote:

As far as I know, there is only one edition of "Proportional
Representation" by Hoag and Hallett.

I reply:

Maybe, but that book is where I read about the use of Nanson in
the U.S. And, before that time, I'd never heard of Marquette, Wisconsin.
The close proximity to Michigan wouldn't have caused me to believe that
they said "Wisconsin", and I don't know what would have suggested
Wisconsin to me, unless that book described a different reform in
Wisconsin, which I confused with Nanson's method. But if that book
didn't mention Marquette, Wisconsin, then it's a remarkable coincidence
that I for some reason came up with it, never having heard of it elsewhere, 
when there actually is a community in Wisconin by that name.

Most likely either the book mentioned that town in connection with
a different voting system, or, maybe more lilkely, there were more
than 1 edition of the book, in which different Marquettes were named
as the place where Nanson was used in the U.S.

Mike Ossipoff

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