[EM] Kemeny's Rules = Condorcet's Method

Steve Barney barnes99 at vaxa.cis.uwosh.edu
Mon Jan 6 14:45:52 PST 2003

I find it confusing to call Marcus Shulze's method, which he sometimes calls 
the "beat path method," the "Condorcet method." It is not the same as the 
Kemeny Rule, which, according to the following, is the same as Condorcet's 

"Condorcet's maximal agreement method is identical with Kemeny's method, 
albeit the terminology differs slightly."
(_Voting Paradoxes and How to Deal with Them_, by Hannu Nurmi, pg 18.)

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> In general if we both sink sort and bubble sort the method order, and then
> go with the order that yields the smaller Kemeny sum, the method is
> converted into a Condorcet method satisfying reverse symmetry.
> Who can find the simplest example that shows that this Condorcet method
> does not always yield the Kemeny order?

Steve Barney

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