[EM] Vermont IRV is nonstandard

Jan Kok kok at surfbest.net
Tue Feb 25 00:55:43 PST 2003

The bill is at


Check this out:

"(3)  The instant runoff count committee shall sort and count votes for
candidates.  If, in the first round, no candidate received a majority of
first choices, all candidates shall be eliminated except the two candidates
with the greatest number of first choices.  Ballots which rank eliminated
candidates and which indicate one of the final candidates as an alternate
choice shall be counted as votes for whichever of the final candidates is
ranked higher for that office on each ballot.  In each round, each ballot is
counted as one vote for the highest ranked advancing candidate on that
ballot. "

Note that the method described above immediately reduces the field to "the
two candidates with the greatest number of first choices."  According to the
IRV rules I'm familiar with, candidates should be eliminated one at a time.
There are a number of scenarios where standard IRV could get different
results than the variation described above.

- Jan

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