[EM] Blake's margins arguments

AVnow avnow at fgn.net
Tue Feb 18 05:01:47 PST 2003


> 101: A
> 50: BAC
> 100: CBA
> About 60% of the voters have indicated that they'd rather elect
> B than A. And so margins elects A.
> WV counts, keeps, & honors the B>A majority. A has a majority defeat 
> that wv doesn't lose or erase. With margins, what happens to that 
> majority against A? Margins erases it.

And about 60% prefer A to C.  What about honoring *that* majority?  One 
of these majorities has to be lost.  Both WV and margins count, keep, & 
honor one of them, and erase the other.

> If one wants a majority to count, then one doesn't want margins.
Apparently, then, one doesn't want WV either!  Or any other system.

Tom McIntyre

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